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Could Your Makeup Be Giving You Acne?
31 Mar

Could Your Makeup Be Giving You Acne?

Posted By: InClinic Australia

Acne and Makeup. It’s a vicious cycle. If you’ve got Acne, you want to conceal it with makeup. However, unfortunately the very products meant to make your skin look beautiful might be causing the exact opposite effect. 

So, could your makeup be giving you or exacerbating your acne? 
The answer is yes and it’s called Acne Cosmetica.

Acne Cosmetica is the term used for acne which is caused by, or aggravated due to using makeup. The main cause of this particular type of acne is the clogging of pores by specific skin harming toxic chemicals found in makeup. The nastiest offenders are petroleum based cosmetics, as they settle in your pores and prevent them from expelling dead skin cells and sebum. As soon as a pore is clogged, acne bacteria can grow and cause aggressive inflammation from inside. 

Symptoms may include:

1. Tiny itchy or rash-like bumps or pustules on your face
2. Bumps and blackheads most common on cheeks, chin and/or forehead
  • 3. Pimples and/or comedones that rise slightly above the skin’s surface
  • 4Acne breakouts around the mouth, which could be due to your lipstick or lip balm

While Acne Cosmetica is a common concern for many, the good news is there are things you can to do treat, and even prevent it!

Here are our top 3 tips to say goodbye to Acne Cosmetica for good. 


Makeup induced breakouts can be easily treated by ditching that conventional pore-clogging makeup and instead treating your skin and pores! Switching to a non-comedogenic, non-toxic good for your skin mineral makeup brand is key to happy healthy skin. 

We recommend making the switch to clean beauty, breathable makeup that won’t harm but heal and treat your skin like InClinic Cosmetics good for your skin foundations.  We formulate mineral based foundations infused with skincare actives to nourish, heal and hydrate skin. InClinic Foundation Formulas are non-comedogenic, acne safe, vegan, paraben and cruelty free. Made especially for breakout prone and sensitive skins in mind to use safely on a daily basis, and sold in over 100+ skin and laser clinics and salons throughout Australia and NZ. Some find complete relief from their blemish and acne prone skin, just by making this simple change in makeup formulas.


Take a look at what you’re applying your makeup with, and make sure that it is clean and sanitary.  A main cause of Acne Cosmetica is the transferring of bacteria to skin through dirty brushes and sponges harbouring bacteria, this is where it starts to spread and flourish. We advise using InClinic’s Professional Brush Cleaner, which  disinfects and sterilizes brushes instantly between makeup applications keeping skin healthy and bacteria free. 


Ensure you are thoroughly removing your makeup every night, giving your skin time to breathe and regenerate. We suggest using InClinic’s Makeup Remover and Pre Cleanser, which is non-comedogenic and gently dissolves all traces of makeup even waterproof mascara along with any impurities left on the skin. This is the first step in double cleansing which is an essential part of keeping skin healthy and glowing. The second step should be using a AHA or BHA based cleanser like Clear Skincare’s Gel Cleanser which is glycolic based. 

In conclusion, it is not the actual makeup that causes breakouts, but poor choices in products and formulas.  Now that you know what to look for and avoid in a makeup product, and there is a way for you to safely wear cosmetics without compromising the condition of your skin. Partner this with the right brush cleaning and cleansing method, and you should be on your way to having flawless, and fabulous skin! 

InClinic x

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