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Mascaras That Are Good For Your Lashes
21 Oct

Mascaras That Are Good For Your Lashes

Posted By: InClinic Australia

Mascaras are one of those essential, can’t live without makeup products that make you feel instantly put together. A single swipe of mascara can transform your look by making your eyes look bigger and brighter. Mascaras come in so many formulations with a variety of benefits – lengthening, volumizing and curling. Regardless of what kind of lashes you have or want to have, we have a mascara for you!

What makes a good mascara?

There are a few essential qualities that make up a good mascara – and we’ve made sure our mascaras have them. Both of our mascaras are cream based, meaning they are made up of waxes and polymers mixed in water (the main ingredient). Therefore, neither of our mascaras are waterproof as we believe it is vital to protect the health of your natural lashes. Waterproof mascaras are not recommended for daily use as they are drying and lead to issues such as breakage and loss of lashes. Our mascaras are formulated with beneficial ingredients, making them good for your lashes and bonus – they’re both vegan!

Want natural, lengthened lashes?

If you’re looking for a mascara that suits a no-makeup, natural look, our Lash Plumping Protein Mascara is perfect for you. This mascara gives lashes a subtle lift and leaves no noticeable clumps. The curved shape brush mimics the natural curl of the lashes and helps to hug the lashes from their base to the tip. You will get just enough curl to draw attention to and open your eyes. Of course, we included a variety of key ingredients that help to keep lashes healthy, strong, soft, and thick. We have included keratin in this mascara to promote lash growth and health by strengthening and nourishing lashes. The panthenol, vitamins and hyaluronic acid are ingredients that encourage moisturising and conditioning for  glossy, healthy lashes.

Big volume lashes, no problem!

Want dramatic, voluminous lashes? Our Platinum Mascara does just that. Intense colour pigments and cellulose fibres that boost volume and add body to your lashes. This brush is on the thicker side so expect it to give you lots of volume. Plus, it has many beneficial ingredients that promote hair growth and nourish, condition, and thicken lashes – vitamins, hyaluronic acid, rice brand wax, soybean oil, panthenol and thickening complexes. 

Having trouble removing your mascara? 

We understand that taking off mascara can be incredibly annoying but choosing the right cleansers can make all the difference in the world. Our Makeup Remover and Pre-Cleanser gently dissolves all traces of makeup and mascara and is the best first step in a double cleanse routine. Packed with jojoba oil, botanical antioxidants and vitamins B, C and D, our Makeup Remover and Pre-Cleanser is good for your skin, does not cause irritation or stripping of natural oils and is the most effective way to remove makeup properly and gently. Remember to always remove mascara in the direction of the lashes with a gentle touch to avoid irritation on such a sensitive area. 

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