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Post Treatment Care with InClinic
06 Apr

Post Treatment Care with InClinic

Posted By: InClinic Australia

We’ve all been there – undergone an advanced skin treatment and walked out with red, inflamed or sometimes bruised skin. So, what are the rules around concealing after an intense skin treatment?


While using mineral makeup post-procedure is acceptable, traditional makeup should 100% be avoided as it can cause infection by clogging pores and irritate sensitive skin. Mineral makeup has several skin benefits and is the only recommended makeup to use following a skin treatment. The skin is extremely photosensitive and must be protected after intensive treatments such as laser, resurfacing and advanced peels. 


InClinic Cosmetics was born into Clear Skincare Clinics having created mineral makeup specifically for client’s post treatment and on-going skin care. All InClinic’s products are safe to use after skin treatments, are non-irritating, anti-inflammatory and non-comedogenic. Our mineral makeup is the perfect solution for clients who want to conceal post treatment and as a bonus, it also helps to heal! The minerals in our makeup serve as natural skin protectors, providing a barrier against the outside elements. 

At InClinic, we use new-aged, advanced silicones that are derived naturally from sand. These silicones play a big part in protecting the skin post-trauma. Silicones are used in medical settings to treat scars, wounds, burns and other skin injuries and come approved by dermatologists as a safe to use ingredient for skin. Unfortunately, silicones have unfairly been dismissed as a ‘bad’ ingredient when in fact, they do not cause harm to the skin. Our silicones are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic as they have large molecules that do not penetrate the skin. Silicones provide a protective barrier for the skin that locks in moisture and absorbs excess sebum.

A question we’re often asked is how long after advanced skin treatments can InClinic makeup be applied? Well, it all depends on the treatment.


After under-going a SKIN RESURFACING TREATMENT, apply mineral makeup 24 hours post treatment. Our recommendations:

·      Mineral Matte Liquid Foundation

·      Makeup Remover & Pre-Cleanser

·      Intensive Hydrosol Mist


Post SKIN LASER TREATMENTS, mineral makeup can be applied immediately! The best InClinic products to use are:

·      Pore Refining Primers or Skin Resurfacing Primer 

·      Mineral Matte Liquid Foundation 

·      Intensive Hydrosol Mist 


Following from any ACNE TREATMENT you have received; it is safe to apply our mineral makeup immediately. 

·      Blemish Treatment Concealer 

·      Pore Refining Primers 

·      Mineral Powder Foundation - wait 2 hours or until weeping has subsided after any skin penetration treatments

·      Mineral Matte Liquid Foundation 


Just had COMESTIC INJECTING? Mineral Matte Liquid FoundationMineral Powder Foundation, Primers and Intensive Hydrosol Mist can be applied after 2 hours; however, it is important to note that if canula technique has been used, it is best to wait 24 hours to allow for the injecting site to close and for redness to fade. 


Lastly, ensure you practice good brush hygiene. Use hands wherever possible (for primers, foundations, concealers) but for powder products that require a brush, ensure you are sanitising the brush before and after use. See here for our Professional Brush Cleaner to sterilise and disinfect brushes. 


Key Ingredients in InClinic Post Treatment Products

Titanium Dioxide – Natural SPF – Anti-inflammatory- Helps reduce irritation

Zinc Oxide – Protects and soothes the skin – Antiseptic properties

Niacinamide – Healing – Calming – Oil absorbing

Hyaluronic Acid – Hydrates – Plumps the skin

Vitamin E – Calming – Soothing

Aloe Vera – Calming – Soothing

Chamomile Extract + Sunflower Seed Extracts – Healing – Soothing – Anti-inflammatory

Silicones – New aged silicones derived from sand.  Large molecules that do not penetrate the skin or cell membranes. Used as a protective barrier and helps to reduce skin redness, stinging or irritation.

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