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VEGAN: What is it and Why Does it Matter in our Products?
30 Jul

VEGAN: What is it and Why Does it Matter in our Products?

Posted By: InClinic Australia

What is Vegan Makeup?

When people think about vegan products, what often comes to mind is what is in the best interest for our ecology and environment. Vegan makeup does not contain ingredients that are animal products, including any by-products or derivatives (with some exceptions where the ingredients are sourced from living animals that does not cause any harm). Vegan makeup also differs from cruelty free makeup as rather than focusing on ingredients, it is concerned with the manufacturing process - specifically, the testing of products on animals. 

InClinic’s Ethos:

We believe in the natural restorative properties of our cosmetic ingredients that are vegan and encourage the skin to bring out the best in performance to hydrate, repair or rejuvenate. Vegan as a whole means that we abstain from the use of animal products in our cosmetic formulas and instead, use plant based formulas. This comes from our ethos and philosophy that moves away from the commodity status that animals have sometimes, in the cosmetics industry, and in the world at large. 

We aim to create products that align with being friendly to nature and we always desire to sustainably create cosmetics that come from a place of being cruelty-free which means our products don’t contain animal products and we don’t test on animals either! We still hold high the importance of colour payoff and pigments that wow and are long-wearing, but don’t compromise on the formula’s integrity and source. We hope you love the quality of our products and enjoy using cosmetics that consider and contain all things natural! 

We care about the ingredients we use whilst maintaining the utmost, luxurious quality products that are among many other things, vegan and cruelty-free. 

Full disclosure:

We have one non-vegan product - Velvet Crème Mineral Lipstick. 

Our lipsticks do contain beeswax. We as a company believe that beeswax is vegan friendly as it is naturally produced by bees without harm but is a byproduct of a bee. The use of beeswax allows the formula to be longer wearing and is more of an emollient on the lips which gives this formula a beautiful creamy velvet finish. It also provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which cannot be achieved with synthetic wax.

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