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At InClinic Cosmetics, we work side by side with cosmetic chemists to produce high-quality, clinical, and innovative formulas that enhance and care for all complexions.

Formulated originally in a clinical environment for clients undergoing intense skin and acne treatments, InClinic Cosmetics works with the client’s skin, not against it. InClinic Cosmetics range is a vital component of post skin treatment programs as it maximises skin health and supports the clinical treatments, skincare and advice provided.

Makeup provides an extra boost of confidence and is an essential part of their daily life for many. InClinic Cosmetics combines skincare and makeup that allows clients to achieve flawless skin without undoing any results achieved for their skin in your care.

InClinic Cosmetics has proven high customer loyalty due to the cosmetic collection's superior quality, performance, and skin benefits.

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Professional Testimonials

Dr Phillipa McCaffery

Founder & Medical Director of Clear Skincare Clinics

"InClinic Cosmetics is a mineral makeup brand that I trust and recommended throughout all Clear Skincare Clinics in Australia and New Zealand. I am confident recommending the InClinic formulas as they support the clinical treatments and skincare offered in the clinics, without clogging pores, irritating skin or contributing to acne."

Sarah Mitchell

Owner & Therapeutic Skin Coach at Glow Skin Studio

"I have been using InClinic Cosmetics for around 10 years solid without changing to any other brand! It is undeniably the safest product for my clients to use post intensive treatments, whilst skin is red and inflamed as it calms, soothes and relieves swelling in the skin incredibly. It's a brand I will always rely on to give my clients and I confidence to face the day looking our best without worrying that it will add to the skin concerns we treat on the daily."

Petta Day

Owner & Experienced Nurse at Enhance Skin Cosmetic Clinic

"Enhance Skin Cosmetic Clinic has been using, selling and recommending InClinic Cosmetics for the past 3 years because of the beautiful results, amazing research and ethical approach to mineral makeup products. InClinic's makeup is inclusive for a diverse client base's skin concerns and needs."

Why InClinic Cosmetics?


InClinic Cosmetics is the only makeup approved and listed on Belgium’s Ku Leven Hospital’s Skin Allergy and Immunology Clinic list of products safe for patients to use with skin allergies. All InClinic products are safe enough for even the most sensitive skin, including problematic skin conditions such as rosacea and acne sufferers.


InClinic Cosmetics is an important extension of your skincare routine with specialty ingredients that have functional properties and actively contribute to skins improvement. Most brands advertise active ingredients in formulations however, they are purely at a marketing level and are less than 1% of the formula. Our active ingredients are at a functional level that provide real benefits and improve the skins surface.


We create products free from harmful or toxic ingredients such as parabens, oils, talc, artificial colours, synthetic perfumes, and cheap fillers. These are the number one causes of irritation or allergies on the skin.


High-quality mineral pigments allow our foundation formulas to adapt naturally to many skin tones. Innovative mineral technology and our fair-to-dark shade range make colour matching easy for most skin tones in Australia.


All InClinic Cosmetics formulas do not clog pores, are non-acnegenic, are safe for all skin types, and are infused with a range of skincare actives that work to improve skin with daily use.


Our team of skilled experts will help to make a difference to your clients and business alike.


On-demand training videos and product information, virtual one-on-one training sessions, and in-person training and support are offered for InClinic Cosmetics stockists.


Install training is offered for all new displays that allow you to feel confident retailing and recommending the range to your client base along with ongoing support.


InClinic Cosmetics’ products have a competitive, affordable price point that allows you to maximise your product sales. Have access to products at an appealing price point that offer a 100% markup for superior profitability.


InClinic’s virtual beauty advisor helps educate clients as they wait in reception or browse the product display. Our innovative virtual beauty advisor is easily accessible – by scanning a QR code, clients will have access to a short, informative video that nails all the key points that will spark their interest in the products.


We pride ourselves on making our brand accessible to all clinics, salons, and luxury retail stores, from small to large. Our many display options allow you to customise the range of products you want to retail and have the opportunity to expand as you grow.


Every stockist has access to a range of POS and marketing tools that help you to sell InClinic products. Marketing support is available for promotions, VIP nights and instore displays to ensure success.

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