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Black Friday Makeup Sale 2023

Black Friday marks the start of the holiday season signalling the need for an extra touch of love in the makeup department ahead of the numerous parties and celebrations. Shopping enthusiasts know that Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to replenish your collection of makeup go-to’s and wish list items.

Must-Have Matte Makeup Products

Matte makeup is timeless, so it’s no surprise it is making a comeback in 2023. A matte makeup look showcases skin in the best and most natural way possible, giving the appearance of pore-less skin and hiding imperfections well.

The Best Makeup Products for Acne-Prone Skin

Makeup serves as a powerful tool of enhancement. The right products and techniques can help enhance natural beauty while minimising the appearance of acne. You’re likely familiar with the delicate balance of using makeup to conceal blemishes without contributing to their persistence.

How to Treat and Cover Acne

Makeup is a quick and effective way of hiding blemishes and pimples while making skin appear smoother and clearer. However, traditional makeup products often contribute to acne by clogging pores and irritating existing breakouts.

Has Your Makeup Expired? Is it Dirty and Causing Acne?

Clearing out your makeup collection regularly is important. Getting rid of old, unused or broken makeup is not only a therapeutic experience, but it is also necessary for your skin health. Expired makeup products are not only less effective, but they have the potential to cause irritation and infection from harboured bacteria.

The Primer That’s Halfway Between Skincare & Makeup

Is your skin looking a little lacklustre lately? We have a solution that your skin will love as much as you do.

Taking Our Makeup Range One Step Further…

Recently, at InClinic we have added two new products to our collection – although, they’re not quite makeup products. We like to think of them as skincare in a bottle that will upgrade your makeup routine.

Probiotics in Cosmetics

Social media has fuelled an interest in all thing’s microbiome - gut health, bacteria, prebiotics, and probiotics to name a few terms being thrown around. Like any new buzzword, microbiome has become one of the most searched beauty terms in the past year.

Post Treatment Care with InClinic

We’ve all been there – undergone an advanced skin treatment and walked out with red, inflamed or sometimes bruised skin. So, what are the rules around concealing after an intense skin treatment?

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