Professional Brush Cleaner

The InClinic brush cleaner is specifically designed to extend the life of your brushes. An alcohol based cleaner for disinfecting and sterilising brushes. Includes essential oils - orange, lemon and bergamot - which condition brush fibres. 

For break-out prone skin or sensitivity, clean brushes are essential for maintaining healthy skin. 


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✔ Extends brush life
✔ Alcohol cleans and sterilises 
✔ Bergamot, orange and lemon oils disinfect and condition brush fibres 

✔ Vegan 
✔ Cruelty free 
✔ Phthalate free 
✔ Paraben free
After using your InClinic brush, spray the Professional Brush Cleaner several times over the brush bristles. 
Gently wipe the brush over a clean tissue to remove makeup. Allow brush to dry before next use.


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