Concealer Brush

Achieve the best coverage results with this perfectly tapered and flat shaped concealer brush that fits the contours under the eye and around the nose, lips, and brows. The dense fibres are designed to build coverage and effortlessly blend for a natural, seamless finish. 

100% vegan and cruelty free. Made from luxuriously soft, high quality synthetic fibres. For proper hygiene, clean your brush regularly with the InClinic Brush Cleaner. 

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✔ Precision application

✔ Flawless coverage

✔ Vegan & cruelty free 

✔ High quality brush fibres

✔ Ultra-soft & durable 

To conceal dark circles and redness, use soft, sweeping motions under the eye, around the nose and for other areas of concern. Use a gentle tapping motion to diffuse the edges of the concealer. 

To conceal blemishes, use the brush to pat concealer onto spots and blend out the edges. 

To highlight under the brow for definition, use the tip of the brush with a controlled, precise application to line the bottom of the brow.