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Probiotics in Cosmetics
22 Jun

Probiotics in Cosmetics

Posted By: InClinic Australia

Social media has fuelled an interest in all thing’s microbiome - gut health, bacteria, prebiotics, and probiotics to name a few terms being thrown around. Like any new buzzword, microbiome has become one of the most searched beauty terms in the past year. 


Let’s talk specifics. What exactly is the microbiome?

On and within the body, there are several microbiomes and although the microbiome is a key word in the gut health realm, we are talking specifically about the skin microbiome here. 


You may not want to hear it, but your skin is full of germs! Just like our gut, our skin is also home to millions of bacteria which are essential for skin health. The microbiome is comprised of the skin and the population of bacteria on the skin’s surface.  To achieve a harmonious microbiome, the presence of good bacteria needs to be encouraged. In a time of hygiene obsession, over-cleansing the skin is common and can cause harm to our microbiome. The aim is to find the perfect balance of taking care of our skin without stripping it by preserving its microbiological balance. 


Enter: probiotics. 


The burgeoning interest in the skin’s microbiome has undoubtedly sparked a lot of talk around probiotics and their potential skin benefits as well. Probiotics get rid of bad bacteria and help to balance our PH levels – the perfect solution to an unhealthy microbiome. Probiotics have a myriad of associated skin benefits such as improved skin hydration by boosting the skins production of lipids that trap moisture in the skin and is beneficial in reducing acne. Probiotics have even been found to battle skin ageing by protecting against free radicals and balancing the skin’s PH level. 


Active Glow, the new generation foundation. 


Probiotic technology in a foundation? Yes, please! InClinic’s BEST SELLING Active Glow Foundation is a new generation formula that contains probiotic ingredients to help restore the skins microbiome. To be specific, Active Glow contains two forms of probiotics, lactobacillus ferment lysate and radish root ferment filtrate. Lactobacillus is a probiotic extract that improves the skin’s barrier function, reducing redness and acne. Radish root ferment filtrate is a cutting-edge probiotic preservative derived from radishes fermented and vegan lactic acid bacteria that has been used to make kimchi.


Not only does this foundation contain probiotics, it is also infused with six powerful active skin serum ingredients - peptides, squalane (vegan), hyaluronic acid, niacinamide B3, licorice root extract and vitamin C. This luminous mineral foundation boasts an impressive list of benefits while promoting balanced and healthy skin, containing all the essentials for flawless, glowing skin. 


There is a whole new world of possibilities in cosmetics, and we love sharing these innovative products with you. 

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Lightweight breathable new generation foundation infused with healthy probiotics and powerful active skin serum technology.  This luminous mineral foundation is designed to nourish, heal and hydrate skin while keeping it balanced and healthy, containing all the essentials for flawless glowing skin...

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